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    Regarding VideoPhoneLabs application help.




      I downloaded the sample videophonelabs app from CIRRUS page.

      It was really working good in the site.


      I have Adoble Flash Builder 4.5 and i registered for the CIRRUS beta key inorder to test-drive this app.

      I have PHP WAMP Server. and its running locally on my system.


      I gone through the readme.txt file of the videophonesample app and i tried the app but i got some errors

      Hope some kind hearted people here would shed light on this issue. Thanks




      Connecting to rtmfp://p2p.rtmfp.net/
      NetConnection event: NetConnection.Connect.Success
      Connected, my ID: 123d0eb46dea256b476b80b56256fbc37642111469c2203047720a386da804a8
      ID event: idManagerError
      Error description: HTTP error: (mx.messaging.messages::ErrorMessage)#0
        body = (null)
        clientId = "DirectHTTPChannel0"
        correlationId = "8CAECCEB-E848-0FDF-03C2-EFB2F4518E3D"
        destination = ""
        extendedData = (null)
        faultCode = "Channel.Security.Error"
        faultDetail = "Destination: DefaultHTTP"
        faultString = "Security error accessing url"
        headers = (Object)#1
          DSStatusCode = 0
        messageId = "80A83613-6EE8-A757-0991-EFB2F4700EE7"
        rootCause = (flash.events::SecurityErrorEvent)#2
          bubbles = false
          cancelable = false
          currentTarget = (flash.net::URLLoader)#3
            bytesLoaded = 0
            bytesTotal = 0
            data = (null)
            dataFormat = "text"
          errorID = 0
          eventPhase = 2
          target = (flash.net::URLLoader)#3
          text = "Error #2048"
          type = "securityError"
        timestamp = 0
        timeToLive = 0
      Hanging up call


      I have my crossdomain.xml file too with all the modifications. But still i am getting the error.


      This is my crossdomain.xml file


      <?xml version="1.0"?> 
      <site-control permitted-cross-domain-policies="all"/> 
      <allow-access-from domain="*" to-ports="*" secure="false" />
      <allow-access-from domain="localhost"/> 
      <allow-http-request-headers-from domain="*" headers="*"/> 



      Kindly please help me to progress.