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    AEM CS 5 Update Failure


      All of CS5 has updated properly except for the Adobe Extension Manager.  I'm running PS 12.0.4 on a Mac under OSX 6.7  Here is the error message I receive:


      Adobe Extension Manager CS5 5.0 Update
        Adobe Extension Manager CS5 has been moved or deleted improperly. Please launch or reinstall the application to update the location and try again. To remove the product from the system, please uninstall product using the aliases under "/Applications/Utilities/Adobe Installers"


      AEM exists in the Applications folder and has not been touched.  Is there a fix other than doing as it suggests, uninstalling and then reinstalling all of CS5?

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          Gene Secora

          Same here. Really frustrating.


          Can't even unistall it. The steps it gives on the web and in the pdf file it installed, don't work because there is no "Adobe Extension Manager CS5" under the Adobe Utilities folder. The only Extension manager I see is under the Adobe folder, and all that does is launch the program.


          Even better, I checked if I'm good to upgrade to OS X Lion. There is some patch file of the PowerPC kind from Adobe, that will cause problems if I upgrade.