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    Newbie rollover questions.




      I am new to Fireworks. I am a CAD technician who very rarely needs to make intranet pages based upon graphical images output from CAD.


      I have to create a single html page based upon a snapshot of a 3D CAD model of different irregular shapes. Each of these iregular shapes has to link to another HTML page (which is already created using some other software automatically). image-for-forum.jpg

      Due to the complexity of the 3D model I would like to have rollovers for each area which changes colour.

      In the extract image above is one example area in red with a black outline which would be a rollover as I intend.

      As a reasonable level beginner in Photoshop I have already created seperate layers in a psd document of each area. I have also created a duplicate of each of these layers which is a different colour from the original which I can hopefully use as the rollover.


      In Fireworks I have created the poloygon hotspots and input the link information which is needed and exported to HTML and that all works nicely.

      My problem is that I do not know what is the best/easiest way for a newbie to handle the rollovers I have hopefully prepared correctly.


      I have tried to hunt around on the web but can not seem to achieve what I want to.

      Any help much apreciated.