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    Install on Drive D - no go


      On my Windows 7 workstation, the C: drive is an SSD and I only want the boot files there (as it is not all that large).


      The system has the following changes on it:



      Under  HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion

      CommonFilesDir - set to D:\Program Files\Common Files

      CommonFilesDir (x86) - set to D:\Program Files  (x86)\Common Files

      CommonW6432Dir - set to D:\Program Files\Common Files

      ProgramFilesDir - is set to D:\Program Files

      ProgramFilesDir (x86) - is set to D:\Program Files (x86)

      ProgramFilesW6432DirDir - is set to D:\Program Files


      I Went to install the The Adobe CS 5.5 Master Collection on this computer - it's a clean install, not CS softwre previously installed. The installer correctly defaults to the D:\Program File\Adobe directory.


      However, the result is a large amount of stuff was placed on the C:\Program Files (x86)\Comon Files\Adobe directory.

      So, that's bug #1 on the installer - it appears to have somthing hard coded to C:


      Bug #2 is a number of Icons on the start menu have the .exe location set to D:\ but the file was installed to C:\  (working directory was set to C:), so no icon and they won't launch.


      Premier won't launch (gives error 3), etc.


      I fixed the launch by copying over all the files that it put on C: to the same place on D:. Now Premier launches at least, and appears to be working. But, when I go to export a video - it tells me there is an update for Media Encoder. I then continue, and "queue" up the export. It acts like it is going to queue it (no error), but the Media Encoder never launches. If I launch it manually, there isn't anything in the queue.  If I just "export" instead of Queue, it does appear to create the video.