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    ftwsyl Level 1

      I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium, IE 9 and Reader X - 10.0.1.  (Even though I see there is a 10.0.2 and 10.0.3, latest NOT on Adobe site.)


      Do not see Reader X in the list of add-ons.  Told to uninstall X and reinstall which I did.  Still not in list of add-ons.


      Secondly, I can go all over the internet and download PDF files without a problem.  BUT, on certain sites, like banking/credit card sites, I cannot download PDF files; just get a blank screen or no response to clicking on the PDF icon on the website.


      I don't know where to go to find the answers to these problems.  My ISP provider??  Microsoft??  McAfee Antivirus??  Can't find the answers in Adobe.  Tried all suggestions I could find without results.


      Someone out there must have the answers.  Please help!

          pwillener Level 8

          The first thing I would go and check with the support staff of these banking/credit card sites that don't let you download their PDF docs.

            ftwsyl Level 1

            I have already done so with my bank and they don't seem to know what is wrong.

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              bls0516 Level 1

              I have the same problem. W7 64bit Home Premium, Adobe 10.0.1, IE8 (also tried IE9). Cannot see or download the monthly statements from banking or credit card sites. The Adobe support-suggested "repair" did not help. I noticed this problem months ago. Seen other forums listing this same problem, but no solution.


              I have to go to my 10 year old sloooowwww  XP computer to get these statements.

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                ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Try going to edit>Preferences>General>Application startup and disable "Enable protected mode at startup." See if that clears it up.

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                  bls0516 Level 1

                  thanks graffiti, but that box is already unchecked (disabled). Did not seem to make a difference for me.

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                    Joël Giro Level 1

                    It won't help so much, but I experience the same issue (I think).


                    Under Firefox (both v3.5 and 4), when I click a link to a PDF file, Adobe Reader X plugin starts and I see a progress bar (blue bar, dark grey background). When the download is completed I get... nothing. The window remains blank.


                    This is not 100% reproductible, but this is what I get most of the time.

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                      ftwsyl Level 1

                      Guess I'm not alone with this problem.  I've followed all the suggestions given in my research and still cannot get PDF files from bank/credit card sites.  I too have Firefox (3.6.8) on my machine and used it to get PDF files from these sites.  IT WORKED !!!!!  It's slow, but it worked.


                      Now the only thing different that I did was in Adobe Reader X, under preferences - general - I clicked on SELECT DEFAULT PDF HANDLER.  Don't know what the heck that is or whether it made a difference in retrieving files using Firefox.  Still would NOT retrieve files using IE9.  So, is the problem somewhere in IE9 or IE in general as I had the same problem in IE8 ??  I've inquired in Microsoft's IE forum with no answer forthcoming as yet.


                      There are so many selections/options to be made in Reader with NO information or help from ADOBE.  I guess when a product is provided free, support is not included.

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                        bls0516 Level 1

                        Somewhere I saw a post suggesting that Reader X may not be totally compatible with the 64bit version of Windows. The suggestion was to install W7 x32 bit. I did NOT try that solution.

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                          ftwsyl Level 1

                          Yes, like you, I think I read that Reader doesn't work with 64 bit.  I have 32 bit so I can't address your issue with any intelligence.

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                            Walt317 Level 1

                            I've started having the same problems with IE9 and this is what I found on adobe's site. I've started

                            using the Google Chrome to download my PDF's with no problems.


                            "... Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 was released after development for Adobe Reader X was complete. While we made every effort to anticipate the way the final release version of IE9 would behave, our PDF viewer plugin is not yet compatible with IE9. This is being worked on by our engineering department. In the interim, when trying to open a PDF file from the browser, save it locally to your computer and open it directly in Adobe Reader.

                            Moving forward, please continue to install updates to Adobe Reader X as they become available.  When this issue has been resolved, it will be pushed via an update.

                            Thank you,


                            Acrobat Community Manager

                            Adobe Systems"

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                              ftwsyl Level 1

                              Hey, Walt, thanks for your input.


                              Funny, I had the same problems with IE8.  When I upgraded to Windows 7 (still using IE8), I was told by Adobe that there was not a Reader version compatible with Windows 7.  So I had to continue using Adobe 8.  Then, upgrading to IE9, Adobe 8 did not work.  So I upgraded to Adobe X and still could not download PDF files from banking/credit card sites.  Saving the PDF file did not work either - "could not be downloaded."  ALL other PDF files are downloadable.  It's just the banking/credit card sites that have the problem.  Those sites couldn't help with the problem either.


                              Have Firefox 3 on my computer and used that to download the PDF files just fine.  BUT, and I'm not sure this caused a problem, after using Firefox, my IE9 became "corrupt."  Again, don't know if Firefox was the cause, but spent 4 hours with a technician to fix IE9.  Now I'm afraid to use Firefox again.


                              Don't know anything about Google Chrome.  Are you sure it will not conflict with IE9??


                              I hope Adobe resolves this issue.

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                                bls0516 Level 1

                                I could not get pdf statements from my bank or credit card using IE8 or IE9. After seeing Walt's post about using Chrome, I tried it. I may become a Chrome fan. Seems to work well, the pdf's all open, fairly easy to learn. So far no glitches or hangups.

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                                  ftwsyl Level 1

                                  I think the problem just might be resolved between Adobe and Microsoft/Windows.  Not quite sure yet.


                                  But, I today was able to download my pdf bank statement as well as a pdf statement from one of my credit card companies using IE9.  When I went to the credit card site and asked for my pdf statement, a small window from Windows 7, at the bottom of the screen, asked my permission to download the pdf file.  Didn't do that on the banking site.


                                  If this works on other credit card sites, I'm delighted.  I'd just as soon stick with IE9 and not congest my computer with Firefox, Chrome, etc.


                                  Hey, everyone who has responded to my quest, thanks a ton and do let me know if you can now download pdf's from your banking/credit card sites!!

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                                    joannietee Level 1

                                    It's not Adobe as I use Foxit and have the same problem. Adobe reader is not even on the computer. I can download some PDFs and not others. It's either IE or the way the PDFs are named. Google Chrome is not likely to be part of the issue as it has its own PDF reader pre installed and uses that.

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                                      ftwsyl Level 1

                                      I haven't changed a thing.  Still Windows 7 and IE 9 - but am now NOT having any problems downloading PDF files from bank or credit card sites.  Issue has been resolved, but I don't know how; i.e., either Internet Explorer 9 or Adobe.