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    Stuttering flv playback issue- Adobe Projector?


      We need help asap as a project is due to deliver today (5/14).

      We have a video to go on a dvd-rom, live action with Motion Graphics behind.

      When output is done thru Adobe Projector the Motion Graphics stutter as they scroll.


      Here is more technical info:

      Stuttering flv playback issue:

      Prores 422 timeline 29.97fps 1280x720 output from fcp using current settings.
      Mov file is approx 7gb, plays relatively smooth on a mac pro with no raid.
      Frame by frame analysis shows all frames are present with no jumps tears or skips.
      Tried several output paths, programs and settings to create a smooth flv file to no avail.
      We adjusted data rates from 2k, 3.5k, 4k and 8k, no luck
      We adjusted keyframe rates from low to all frames, no luck.
      We tried cs3 flash encoder, cs5 media encoder, squeeze ect, same results.
      Playback in the flash projector seems to choke slightly no matter what we do.

      Any help much appreciated!