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    Help with opening and reading a sqlite database


      I have spent the last 2 days trying to simply read a sqlite database.  I am now getting an error: SQLError: 'Error #3138: File opened is not a database file.', details:'', operation:'open'.


      The database is there, I have checked the nativepath and am sure the app is pointing to the right place.  I am also surethe database is a sqlite database as I can iope it and browse with SqliteStudio.


      Here is the code I am using to test with:


      var db:File = File.applicationStorageDirectory.resolvePath("roam.db");


      sqlc.open(db, SQLMode.READ);

      sqls.text = "SELECT * FROM feed"




      var data:Array = sqls.getResult().data;


      //we pass the array of objects to our data provider to fill the datagrid

      dp = new ArrayCollection(data);


      The error occurs on the sqlcopen command.  I have tried varoious parameters for the SQLMode. IN fact I have nothing left to try.  ANyone have an y suggestions?