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    'Required components are disabled' error during trial install

    bdefore Level 1

      I've downloaded the CS5.5 trial for the first time. When I install, I see three checkboxes for install: Encore, OnLocation, and Premiere Pro. The first two are checked, but the third is unchecked with a red X to the right of its name. If I try to select Premiere Pro, I see on the right side the message: 'Required compnents are disabled'. I have no idea what this means, but it unfortunately is immutable and prevents me from installing.


      Older forum posts mention this phrase and that you need to run CS5Clean. I've done this and while I have some software installed (Flash Builder, , I've never installed Premiere before. Here is the output of my cleanup.xml:


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>



              <Property name="eulaAccepted">1</Property>



              <!--<Product productName="Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5.5" version="1.5"/>-->

              <!--<Product productName="Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder" version="3.1"/>-->

              <!--<Product productName="Adobe Flash Builder 4" version="4.0"/>-->

              <!--<Product productName="Adobe Flash Builder" version="4.5"/>-->

              <!--<Product productName="Adobe Illustrator CS5.1" version="15.1"/>-->

              <!--<Product productName="Adobe Audition" version="4.0"/>-->



              <!--<Product productName="Adobe SwitchBoard 1.0" version="1.0.0"/>-->



              <!--<Product productName="Adobe Update Manager CS3" version="5.1.0"/>-->




      Any ideas?