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    Newbie Help


      I'm fairly novice with Adobe's lineup.  I'd like to get started with some air development, I already have a bit of experience with other languages, notably perl and vb, vb.net, powershell, things like that.  I'd like to work on a few projects both for my android device and for the desktop.  I have a few tasks that while I can do them with VB.net or a few different ways, I'd like to get some experience with air.  I'd also like to do it right from the beginning.  I'm currently *attempting* to design a workflow, but I'm running into a few problems with that.  What I would like to do (for the desktop applications) is this:  I want to create the UI and use that (in some very specific cases) to call external programs.  Since I haven't found a method to expose .net objects to activescript, I'm going to have to kludge it by calling vb or ps1 scripts (perhaps having activescript write the files, call execution, then delete them when they complete), so the end of my flow is pretty well taken care of, it's the UI design that I'm stuck on.


      From what I've read, fireworks is a great tool for prototyping.  Is this also the best tool for actually doing the graphics work or should I be using photoshop or illustrator to import assets to fireworks?  It seems like fireworks' graphic manipulation capabilities are slightly more limited than with other applications, but as I said, it may be that since I'm still new to these tools, I simply don't know how to use them effectively.


      I watched a large part of a video series on learning fireworks and it seemed that the main focus of the series was importing assets and manipulation, organization and prototyping.  Perhaps it was a flaw in the series it's self or a bias on the part of the content creator, but it has left me with the impression that my toolchain has to become at least one application longer before I'm going to be able to effectively create the applications that I want to.


      What I'm looking at so far for a workflow is:


      ?-> Fireworks -> Flash/Actionscript -> Air

      ?-> Fireworks -> Flash/Actionscript -> Dreamweaver (kinda fuzzy on this one, most of my previous webdev work has been with notepad/vim and perl)

      ?-> Fireworks -> VisualStudio.net


      I really do want to get the beginning of the workflow down correctly.  That portion will help me dramatically, even with existing projects, eg, creating .net UI's, web development, so forth, and so far, I'm left with more questions than answers.


      Honestly, feels similar to when I first considered installing and learning Linux.  Which distro?  Which XWindows manager?    At least that question is a nonissue any longer.  (Not that I don't use Linux, it's just that I can start out with any distro except ubunto and work just fine.)


      Sorry about the length, I tend to ramble.  I don't necessarily need a concise answer or even an expert answer, I'd just appreciate it if I had a nudge in the right direction or a hint where I can actually find an answer.


      Thank you for your time