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    How to Publish for YouTube or the like


      Hi All,


      I'm completely new to "publishing" in Captivate and I'm wondering if someone here could help me. I've been reading the post called "HELP! Publishing" and it helped a little. My question has a bit of a spin though. . . .


      I have created an interactive Captivate show. I would like to publish this to YouTube. To do so I was able to:



      2. Select Media icon

      3. Publish as F4V

      4. Discovered it was purely video

      5. Had myself a little


      Has anyone ever created an interactive Captivate show and posted it "somewhere" online? IF so, where did you post and how did you publish for that post?


      Thank you SO MUCH in advance for any help you can offer!

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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          YouTube is video only, you cannot have interactivity in video, but do need either SWF or a multimedia PDF or EXE.


          Regularly I do post interactive SWF's on my blog, same is possible on a website of course. On the blog I can only insert SWF's which means that I'm missing some functionalities (like right-click possibility). Best way to have every interactivity preserved is publishing to SWF, but using the companion HTML-file that calls the JS-file (where some interactivity functionality resides) and starts the SWF. The user will need Flash Player installed. If you publish to PDF, user will need at least Acrobat Reader 9, which has Flash Player embedded. But same restriction: only the functionalities in the pure SWF will be there.


          If you want to have a look at my blog, here is a link to one of the posts (most posts have at least one interactive SWF):


          Timer widget - to stress your learners



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            CoolAuntieBB Level 1

            Hi Lilybiri,


            Thank you for clarifying the best way to publish and upload a SWF file. I

            see YouTube is of no benefit for us interactive media types c-;


            Best Regards,


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              pcapademic Level 1

              When I was investigating the posting of interactive (SWF file) videos, I found that none of the "free" services would handle the content (i.e., no YouTube or Vimeo for me).


              I also found that several paid CDN Video services didn't want SWF files either. A couple were willing to flip a magic configuration switch to allow SWF, but many said no.