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    Problem with copy/paste into WYSIWYG field?

      In using Robo HTML X5 my helpfile design is a simple one, but one issue is stumping me.

      -From the TOC tab I will create a new topic, and then edit the WYSIWYG field on the right, insert graphics, etc. But if I cut and paste from Word 2003 into the WYSIWYG topic field, all formatting like bold letting is stripped out, along with graphics. The graphics have to be cut and pasted individually and I manually have to reformat the text.

      Does anyone know why a copy/paste into the WYSIWYG field is being stripped of formatting somehow? Is there simple project setting somewhere?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi reiver12367 and welcome to our community

          Trust me on this. Mixing Word and RoboHelp HTML are like mixing oil and water. You really don't want to go down any road where formatting is maintained during a copy/paste operation.

          You might see better results by right clicking the folder (inside RoboHelp HTML) where you want the topic to be, then selecting Import. From there, choose the Word document file type from the drop-down on the bottom of the dialog, navigate to and choose your Word document. You will have a couple of dialogs to deal with and the stuff should import in.

          Personally, I even avoid going that route if I can. I instead opt for saving the Word document as pure ASCII text. Then creating a new topic and copy/pasting the text into the topic. From there I format as needed.

          Hopefully this helps... Rick
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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
            ... and to be fair to RoboHelp, many HTML editors will give you the same results. If you have access to Dreamweaver 8 though (and maybe earlier versions), then you can paste from Word into that and Dreamweaver will created nice clean code that you can lift into RoboHelp. The catch though is that RoboHelp codes tables in a unique way in the source so you may have problems if you use tables.