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    CS5.5 Encoder Slower than CS5...

    skeeze Level 1

      I just upgraded to CS5.5 Master Collection and was hopeful AME might even be a little faster, but it turns out it is slower.  I have an HPZ800 with 36GB of RAM and dual XEON W5590's and an Nvidia FX3800 as a point of background, but the machine specifics don't matter much in this case.  I am using the same exact file, actually the one from PPBM CS5 called Benchmark.prproj.  I export to the AME queue on CS5 using the 720P H.264 preset and it takes 45 seconds to render.  I use the exact same file and render through AME in CS5.5 with the exact same settings resulting in the exact same output file (Size and quality, resolution, bitrate, resolution, etc.), but it takes 65 seconds!...a 30% increase in time.  I double checked all settings and ran the same tests several times in both versions (luckily they both still can run on the same machine) and I get the exact same results.  Has anyone performed similar tests or have any ideas?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          If I am correct, your ID is BZ800 and your 5.03 score is 308 seconds on the PPBM5 test.The test you just ran is not the standard for the H.264-BR test, using 720P instead of 1080. Could you run the test, following the instructions to the letter, with CS5.5 again and submit those results. That is a good basis for comparison on the same system.


          My tests do not show any performance degradation with the H.264-BR test. The only test that is significantly worse is the MPEG2-DVD test, the rest is about equal.

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            Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            In PPBM5 we intentionally duplicated some of our segments to equalize processing scores.  There is a difference in the way CS5 and CS5.5 handle these duplicated segments.  My personal testing trying to use our PPBM5 in CS5.5 has found that the MPEG2-DVD timeline (which has three identical segments) takes approximately three times as long under CS5.5, but when I take my own (Sony AVCHD) real file and do the precise same encode with non-repetitive segments CS5.5 is indeed faster than CS5.


            We have know all along that there is a difference in processing times between a direct export encoding operation from Premiere and the same sequence opened directly in AME and encoded.


            Currently we are not rcommending using PPBM5 for testing to compare CS5 processing to CS5.5.  All my real life testing CS5.5 is faster than CS5.  Until we decide what our next step is we are not posting any CS5.5 scores on our current results page.

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              Jim_Simon Level 9

              It may be time to bite the bullet and include single, larger files with the benchmark, rather than repeating smaller files in the sequence.  Broadband penetration should be sufficient where most people won't have a download problem.

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                skeeze Level 1

                Thanks everyone for your quick responses.  I did do some additional testing with my own footage and found what you said to be true, cs5.5 is as fast or faster so knowing why the other was slow will make me sleep much better.

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                  skeeze Level 1

                  Bill, thanks for the response, I was just doing some rudimentary tests to make sure it installed ok, I will rerun it though to see how it fares.

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                    Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Jim just so you do not worry (ha ha) I have ordered from ADK the Blackmagic HyperDeck Shuttle to record uncompressed 1920 x 1080 4:2:2 from my newer Sony camera via the SDI port.  Therefore my current 120 GB SSD drive installed in this device will record slightly over 10 minutes of pure video.  Except for laptop usage this is the first real SSD usage that is practical.  Expect to see some of this in PPBM6  I hope and imagine that BlackMagic will be working on a dual SSD HyperDeck Shuttle portable so that when one fills up it will automatically switch to the second drive etc.

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                      Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Harm is very busy on the next much more interactive benchmarking web site so I will be working the CS5.5 aspect.  I hope to have a new script and procedures that will make it easier to gather the CS5.5 data next week some time.


                      Has anyone yet received the new CS5.5 Production Premium hard copy by mail?  I am working with the trial version download.  While we now have a fully working trial Premiere CS5.5 it is interesting the Encore CS5.5 is not a working copy in the trial download.  I just competeted the first step in a very complex project with Premiere CS5.5 and when I went to Encore CS5.5 it dtold me that I needed a serial number to continue.  Fortunately I had a successful fall back to Encore CS 5..0 to produce a rough draft copy of the progress to date.