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    Flex debugging on OS X whilst accessing data from a remote live asp.net server


      I'm trying to find a way to set up a test development environment for an ASP.net developer working on Windows, and a Flex developer on OS X. With other technologies I would have considered setting up a remote test server and have for the client-side development fire up on the server for testing.. However flex doesn't seem to support FTP access.

      Can anyone suggest how we might be able to set up a testing environment in this situation, ideally we would like to be able to allow the Flex developer to access the remote ASP.net data services for debugging - I've googled but don't seem to come up with alot for this. I've come across how Flex allows you to publish files under IIS but this only appears to be on a local machine.

      Please feel free to treat me like a simpleton in providing instructions for how to set this up or suggesting what the workflow might be.

      Many thanks