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    Distributing forms




      Untill recently I created forms using Acrobat Professional with the Extand features for saving forms in Acrobat Reader. Then I found out that there is a limit of 500 users that can fill-in and save the form created this way. Now I am trying to create the same type of forms in LiveCycle (From CS4) and now I have a completely different problem when creating pdf forms that are saveable with Reader. As I understand it, I have to Distribute the form instead of Saving it. This gives me only three options:

      Automatically download & organize responses ith Acrobat.com,

      Manually collect responses in my email box or Automatically collect responses on my own internal server. Hmmm, neither of these options are suitable for me, because I need to send the pdf to my client, who will put it on their website for their clients to fill out and save.


      So what options do I have? Is this possible with Adobe or do I have to find another alternative?



      Best regards