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    Some Combination of Liquidize and the Marquee- and something about the workspace




      The first thing is hard to explain-

      Generallly its adding the Marquee Tool to the Liquidize option. Or make this an own tool. (Or inversed mask?)

      I gonna tell you two examples. First, You did a sketch, a Portrait maybe, and you see the nose is too low. You could redraw it, you could take the marquee tool to select it and pull it up, having breaks in your drawing then, or you could move everything up part by part in the liquidization. But what would be even better? If you could select the nose, like masking it, and then pull it up, but the surrounding art gets moved along...

      Or, another example.

      You took a photo of a lady and need to fix it up.

      Probably make the legs thinner. You could draw everything up part by part again in Liq. Or your could select the whole seine or watever and move all at once without getting rip-offs in the surrounding area.

      Do you get what I mean?

      Hardly I could think...


      So, second.

      When animating you've got that long frame window.

      The problem of windows disturbing your work by always being on top of where you currently want to draw was epically solved in CS3 already.

      But the Animation window is too long to place it at the side.

      so, what about enabling placing windows at the bottom or front out of the drawing area?

      Similar to After Effects or such.

      Maybe you could also drop your toolbar down or up there if people want to...


      Well I hope you understood in general what I meant with those two...