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    No sound-Channel 1-Pre9

    TVVince Level 1

      I'm new to Pre9 so I'm on the learning curve. I'm having trouble with Ch. 1 audio on captured video. I'm capturing HDV video from a Sony Z1. Pre9 recognizes the camera during capture. Video and audio captured by the on-board stereo mic works/plays back fine in Pre9 editing, so I know Ch. 1 audio works--sometimes. In video with audio only on Ch. 2 the audio is there and it can be heard. So that seems OK. But I hear nothing with audio on Ch. 1.


      First I tried some project video, then I did a test, two shots, specifically using a hand mic alternately plugged in to Channels 1 & 2. Played the two clips back in the camera. Both channels played back fine during camera. playback.  But when I capture it in Pre 9 and put it in a project and drag it to the timeline, video with Ch. 1-only audio plays in silence. Tried Audio Efx Fill Left. Nothing.


      I can see the Ch. 1 audio waveform when the clip is on the timeline, yet there's no sound when the clip plays.


      Any suggestions?


      TV Vince


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Premiere Elements often has problems with professional video camcorders (even if they shoot in relatively standard HDV). In fact, it's usually not wise to edit video from a $3000 camcorder in a $75 program. You'd be much wiser to go with Premiere Pro, which will likely resolve your issues.


          Premiere Elements is not capable of working with more than one channel of audio, for instance. (Unless you're talking about stereo right and left channels, which is very different.)


          Meantime, you can try going to Edit/Preferences/Audio Hardware and ensuring the program configuration matches your hardware.


          And it may help to at least know if you're working on a PC or a Mac and which operating system you're using.


          But, overall, the biggest challenge may be that you're using too much camcorder for this humble little program.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            IIRC, that camera has up to 4 Audio Channels, and both PrE & PrPro have issues with the multiple Audio Tracks. Many PrPro users find that if they Capture with the free HDVSplit, they get all 4 Audio Tracks.


            Good luck,



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              TVVince Level 1

              Thanks, Steve. I'll explore your suggestion about settings but your suggestion about Premiere Pro may be the ultimate answer. I went with Elements not only for cost but also because I'm new to editing and I thought it might be a way to ease in. In practice the protocols and work flow doesn't appear to be radically different from Pro, so I may wind up going there, after all--which was intended as Step 2 in learning to use an NLE.

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                TVVince Level 1

                Thanks. I'll explore some more. Steve may be right--I should step up to Premiere Pro.


                I know it can work with ingest from the Sony Z1.


                I did several client projects with a professional video editor who was using Premiere Pro and there were no audio issues. As I explained to Steve, I am an editing newbie trying to swim in the editing waters on my own. By trade I'm a video writer/producer/director--a content guy with a lot of experience working with full production crews and post houses and TV newsrooms for editing. In today's brave new media world it is becoming imperative for many of us to become one man bands for many quick turnaround low-budget client projects. Thus, my entry-level use of an entry-level NLE program.


                I appreciate the prompt responses.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Before jumping in with PrPro, do a Search of the CS4 and CS5 forums, for the audio from that camera (plus also some Panny units), just to make sure that you have the background info, on how to handle the multi-track Audio. IIRC, every poster, with issues, found a workflow that worked perfectly, though perhaps with an extra step, or two.


                  Good luck,



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                    TVVince Level 1

                    FYI for the sake of others who may find this item of interest, I am working on a PC, not a Mac.

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                      i_dream_of_jeannie Level 1


                      You might want to try changing the Playback Settings. Right click on the Monitor and Select PlayBack Settings. On the screen Choose to playback "Desktop Audio". see the attached screenshot. I hope this helps!



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                        TVVince Level 1

                        Good suggestion. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on point of view) that's not it. The settings I had/have conformed to the screen shot you included in your message.


                        I understand what others have said about pro gear audio captured  in a consumer NLE, but the frustrating thing is I can SEE the Ch. 1 waveform in the test clip for that Channel. This tells me Pre9 captured it, but doesn't want to play it for whatever reason. In other words, It isn't audio from a Ch. 3 or 4 or whatever.


                        Following your example, here is a screen grab of the audio for the two test clips. The First is Ch. 1, the second is Ch. 2. As mentioned in previous posts, in playback Ch. 1 is silent while Ch. 2 plays just fine.


                        Audio Channels Grab.jpg

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                          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                          Vince, just to clarify something -- you keep saying Channel 1 and Channel 2.


                          You are talking about two different audio tracks on your tape, right? You're not talking about the right and left stereo channels, right? Because these are two VERY different things.

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                            the_wine_snob Level 9



                            IIRC, that camera will capture up to four Audio streams from four different mics. The issues is that PrPro (and I am guessing PrE too), will default to Audio Stream 1, when doing the Capture, omitting 2 - 4. If there is no Audio Stream 1, then it defaults to 2. These Audio Streams can be either 2-channel (stereo), or 1-channel (mono). The four Audio Streams have caused other users problems, and workaround have had to be employed. I'll see if I can locate some of those threads, where the workarounds are discussed. Much of that success might depend on whether the Search function in the forum is working today, or how well I can do boolean in Google.



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                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                              Not sure if this THREAD will be helpful, as there is more going on, like the Matrox card.


                              Here is another from a different forum, but not sure if this THREAD will help either.


                              Still looking,



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                                TVVince Level 1

                                Thanks. I'll check out the threads you cited. For some reason I couldn't get the forum system to allow a reply to Steve's most recent post so I'll combine responses here.


                                As I write this I am looking at the Sony Z1 manual section re: audio. It specifically refers to the XLR mic inputs as Input 1/Channel 1 and Input 2/Channel 2, although it appears the camera menu system allows for reversing the alignment of XLR inputs and recording channels. That is, you could reverse Input 2 to record on tape Channel 1 which might be useful in the event of damage to one of the external connectors, as an example. FYI I haven't fiddled with any of those settings although I'll go back and see if something may have been accidentally changed somehow in the camera's menu setup system. Thus, when I refer to Channels 1 & 2 I don't think I'm confusing tape audio channels with stereo channels.


                                This still leaves me puzzled as to why I see the Pre9 Left Track (Channel 1 in camera terms) wave form on the timeline after I captured the test clip yet it plays in silence, while the Right Track (Channel 2) test clip plays correctly with good, clean audio coming through my system.


                                See my previous post with the image insert showing a screen grab of the two test clips on the timeline. In other words, the waveform appears where it should on the Pre9 timeline for both test clips. The visible waveform tells us--I think--that the audio is indeed there. If it were on some orphan channel it wouldn't show up in the timeline waveform area at all, or so one would think. This makes me think it isn't that the audio wound up on some third of fourth channel.


                                As I mentioned in a previous post, the Channels 1 & 2 audio of this camera played nice in the sandbox with Adobe Premiere Pro on another guy's editing system, adding to my mystification.


                                I appreciate all the brainstorming. I'll check out those threads.

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                                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                                  OK, think that I was partially wrong regarding the Audio Channels in the Z1. It looks like it allows for two Channesl, and not four, as I stated. Must have been another similar Sony, and it is also an issue with some pro-sumer Pannies too - they offer 3 XLR's, plus the on-camera mic, yielding a possibility for four Audio Channels.


                                  Wish that I could find the threads that I remember, but maybe I was limiting things with "Z1," when it was another, similar model.


                                  The forums have been acting wonky lately, but have not seen it today - maybe I am in for a surprise, and not a good one.


                                  Good luck, and if I can find the threads that I recall, though not in enough detail to help you here, I'll post the links.



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                                    TVVince Level 1

                                    At the risk of belaboring this, do you agree it is puzzling to see the left side audio waveform for the test clip when it is on the timeline, yet not hear it?


                                    Trying to use reason and logic (not always a wise choice) if there were some setting problem in the capture process, logically the Pre 9 Left track audio waveform wouldn't show up at all. It would be blank or a straight line. As you can see in the screen grab, that's not the case. The waveform is there, showing us audio was indeed captured for the Left track.


                                    Also, it's worth remembering that the audio of other clips in the  Pre 9 timeline play properly. Thus, if I had some system playback problem it should affect the other audio playback, yet that is not a problem. I have some clips that are nat. sound or wild sound from the on-board stereo mic and then there are the clips in question using the two audio channels of the camera. The stereo wild sound and the Channel 2 audio are audible from the edit timeline. It's just the Left track or Channel 1 that is causing the headache.


                                    It's interesting to note other forum discussion threads which suggest audio is a recurring problem for various reasons. I hope the Adobe engineers check these forums from time to time. A fix or patch, if warranted, would be nice.

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                                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                                      I agree with you, that if one sees the Waveform, and other Audio plays fine in the program, and on the system, then it should play fine.


                                      As a test, open up Audio Mixer, and watch the Levels for that Track. While there, just make sure that Mute is not checked.


                                      Only thing that I can think of is that the Audio file did not complete Conforming, but as PEK generation comes after Conforming, IIRC, having the Waveform should rule that out. Still, see this ARTICLE on Conforming. PrE is pretty simple with Audio, and does not allow the various options for handling it, as PrPro does. On one hand, that is a bit limiting, but on the other, keeps other things from getting in the way.


                                      Good luck,



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                                        i_dream_of_jeannie Level 1

                                        I understand that you are not able to hear from one of the channels. I would like to know how exactly have you captured two different channels inside PRE. Can  you please let me know the exact steps that you have followed to capture it ? It might help us to solve your problem.


                                        Another thing that you can try is: Can  you export this audio to an MP3 and see if you are able to hear the audio in any other player? Is your project setting 5.1?