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    Detecting screen position / coordinates


      Hi all,


      Is it possible to detect the screen position with javascript? I know that there is a doc.scroll function that centers the screen to point (x,y). It would seem reasonable that there would be a function that returns the current screen position but I cannot find one from the API.


      I'm trying to create custom interface buttons for a pdf that displays a large map. I'm using a timer to check the zoom level so I can resize the buttons accordingly. For the user the buttons appear to be of constant size regardless of the zoom level.


      My problem is that when the zoom level is high enough the whole map doesn't fit in the screen and when the user scrolls around the map the buttons move out of view. If I could get the screen coordinates I would be able to move the buttons so that they would stay in view. Or if there is another way to achieve this please let me know.



      Thanks for the advice,