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    Color correction challenge, PP5.5 Mac, ProRes to WMV

    tpf1952 Level 1

      I'm eager to complete my transition from FC Studio to Production Premium CS5.5, but I'm challenged to ensure consistent color in my ProRes to WMV workflow. Any advice would be appreciated.


      My shooting gear: EX1R, w and w/o Nanoflash


      Editing gear: 2008 MacPro (3.1), OSX 10.6.7, 10 GB RAM, ATI Raedon 4870


      Workflow (FCP): Acquire footage, edit native (XD CAM EX/XDCAM HD22), render sequence to ProRes 422, transcode via Quicktime 7 Pro/Flip for Mac to produce WMV files for my PC clients.


      Workflow CS5.5 (intended:) Acquire footage, edit native (XDCAM HD 422 via Nanoflash), output sequence to ProRes, transcode to WMV via Quicktime 7 Pro/Flip for Mac HD. After I put a "trial" sequence together in PP5.5, I adjust footage with 3-way color corrector. Here's where the fun starts:


      Process: I attempt to create a "master file" from the sequence, using AME with output set for Pro Res. The next intended step would be to open the file in Quicktime Pro 7, then encode via Flip for Mac to produce a smaller WMV file for my clients.


      Outcome (1) The results look as though color correction was bypassed completely. After much trial and error, I discovered that when I encoded using ProRes 4444, color corrections were preserved. Yet when I transcoded from 4444 to wmv, (2) the resulting files appeared to have no color correction. No good.


      I'm stumped! I thought I was on to something when I noticed the "preset" for outputting XDCAM HD422 was not set for "progressive," but it appears to make no difference.


      Sidebar: I experience the same issue regardless of use of XDCAM EX or XDCAM HD422 files. With the latter, I've edited clips in MOV and MXF format. Same outcome.


      Until I get this workflow issue sorted out, I'm stalled in completing my transition to PP. I'd like to have acquired gobs more RAM and an Nvidia Quadro 4800 card already, but I need to know that I've fixed this issue first.


      Any suggestions most welcome.






      Raleigh, NC

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          Why not just output the WMV files directly from AME?

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            tpf1952 Level 1

            Alas, the WMV option does not appear within the list of CODECs in AME in the Mac platform.


            When making conversions to WMV, I have accessed Flip for Mac via Quicktime Pro 7 or Apple Compressor.


            If I'm missing something obvious -- neither the first nor the last time -- I'd be grateful to be enlightened.





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              Jim_Simon Level 9
              in the Mac platform.


              Ah, well.  I think the solution there is obvious.

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                tpf1952 Level 1

                Even as a Mac Fanboy, I can't resist smiling at the message behind your message.


                Windows 7 needed to happen; glad it has such a solid rep after Vista and that Adobe products work so well on the platform.


                Kind regards,



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                  tpf1952 Level 1

                  My apologies for the lengthy post at the top, but the challenge to export with matched color correction remains (with the exception of ProRes 4444).


                  Any additional insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


                  Thanks in advance for your patience.



                  • 6. Eureka! It works!
                    tpf1952 Level 1

                    I finally figured it out! If there are any other FCP to PP traitors out there like me in Mac land, here's a workflow that results in WMVs matching the color corrections created in your PP sequence:


                    1) Edit native. In my case, I'm working with "XDCAM HD 422," the result of linking a Nanoflash set for 100 mbps/long gop to my EX1R. Both FCP and PP "read" them as 50 mbps files.


                    2) Export media to AME, checking the box, "Match Sequence Settings." With little delay, this produces a file with an mpeg extension (the mpeg-2 codec). In Quicktime player, this yields silent footage with no audio. Bummer. End of story, I thought.


                    3) But this time, I brought that same "black" file into Apple Compressor. Using the Flip For Mac plug in, I exported to one of my "regular" settings, 2-pass, VBR, 640x360. The result: a perfect color match with my color corrected PP sequence.


                    I'm sure there are alternatives to bringing a file that won't play in Quicktime into Compressor. I'll try Quicktime Pro and Streamclip next. But the point -- I think -- is to not bother with any more intermediate formats/files than one has to.


                    Sighs of relief here.



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                      dwhillans Level 1

                      Hi Tom,


                      I have exactly the same problem. However, I don't use Compressor, and would prefer not have to do such a long workaround. I'm glad you were able to find a way to do it, but it would be nice to find a way to preserve the colour correction in a more streamlined way.