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    Best Preset to in CS5 for AVCHD

    RFENG Level 1

      I am experimenting with one of the newer Canon Vixia AVCHD cameras that is capable of shooting 1920 X 1080 video at 24 MB/sec.  I believe that the resultant MTS files are natively captured in 60i format.  I want to make a demo reel for a client for a product shoot using this camera to show the AVCHD quality and clairty. It seems natual that if I select the 1080P preset for this codec in CS5, I would be discarding half of the vertical resoluiton if the native format of the video is 60i as would be case when shooting SD video with a native format of 29.97 frames/sec. which reduces resolution. My guess is that the 60i is a field rate and not a frame rate.


      The preset for either 1080P or 1080i are both set for a pixel ratio of square or 1, as opposed to retangular or .9, as with NTSC DV.  It would appear that with a pixel aspect ratio of square when viewing on a 16:9 widescreen format monitor, this would produce an incorrect picture.


      Could I get some clarication/confirmation regarding the two questions above?  This would be the first time I have used this format of HD video and I want to be certain that what I produce is both true to standard and fully optimized with the native video that I for the demo real.


      I will likely produce this video to be viewed as a mp4 file only rather than incorporatin it into a DVD.


      Thanks indeed in advance for this assistance.

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The best thing is to edit in HD and then export to mpeg2 dvd or use Dynamic Link to make a dvd in Encore.

          1920x1080 is always square pixel and widescreen.

          If making a dvd of this footage the view will still be widescreen with non square pixels with a pixel aspect ratio of 1,2121 (0.9 is for 4:3)

          If its 60i you filmded stick to 60i.

          See screendump however this one is set for 50i, just choose 60i (two down)


          avchd sequence.png

          If you do not know what preset to choose drag a clip from the Project Window into the New Item icon, this will create a sequence matching your footage.

          new item icon.png

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            RFENG Level 1



            Thanks for the information and the tip in CS5 that I was unaware of--I usually don't need the wizzard tool but it is great to know this.


            You mentioned staying with the same rendered format as the native footage but when viewing on a PC for instance, woud the 60i not possible result in the "rats teeth" artifact which is a result of interlaced scanning of the two fields whereas progressive would not when viewed on a PC?



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              Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I make all my project interlaced, dvd as well as BluRay. For BD you have no choice.

              Play the disks with Power DVD and no interlacing. PowerDVD takes care of that.

              I even connect the pc to a HD projector and no interlacing.

              If you export for the web you need to deinterlace.

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                RFENG Level 1

                Thanks Ann, but doesn't de-interlacing reduce the resolution of native 60i footage.  I realize it will be compressed for the web but won't there be additional losses when de-interlacing?




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                  Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  CS5 and CS5.5 do a far beter job in deinterlacing than previous versions of Premiere.

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                    RFENG Level 1



                    Thanks for the info regarding BD. 


                    This project, like many I have been asked to work on in the past will be primarily be presented in DVD format and for that I will likely use Adobe Link to Encore to automate the process of conversion as you mentioned.  I have also been asked to make available a limited number of playable HD files of the project output which could be played on media hubs for home entertainment systems that are becoming so popular today.  These files are basically kept on an NAS (Network Addressable Storage) which stores the video content and generally contains a streaming hub to distribute video to HD sets within the house or residence for viewing HD content. 


                    In experimenting with the Blue Ray output preset in CS5 in an effort to use this format for those users who wish to stream this content, the H264 codec produces an output file with an M4V file extension which neither Power DVD would play/recognize.  The streaming hub I use to test these outputs before distributing them to clients would not play it either.  This is the first time that I have attempted to use the Blue Ray H264 file output as a standalone playable file without burning a BR disk.  I was wondering if you are aware of a means of generating an MP4 compatible file output that can be played avoiding the M4V file extension.  Can you offer any guidance to me for this objective?


                    Aside from attempting to generate a stand-alone playable BR file above, I noticed that when using any of the HDTV presets, there seem to be a noticeable quality improvement when I changed the video frame rate from 29.97 to 30 fps in the video properties in the export media output settings.  I noticed this on my PC monitor only and there was a distinct improvement but this may not apply with the actual file output.  Can you shed any light on why this would be so noticeable and if maybe I should use 30 fps for the output file setting as opposed to 29.97? 


                    Again, much thanks for your support and time to offer any additional input.

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                      Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      When you change the extention from m4v to mts Powerdvd will play the file.

                      But you wont have any audio.

                      You can set the multiplexer on and use Dolby audio this will give you a file with audio and video in one. This will be m2t

                      You can also make a BlyRay folder and copy the file from the stream directory, this would be m2ts file which PowerDVD has no trouble playing.

                      Alas i do not know anything about 29,97 or 30 frames. I am PAL-land.

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                        RFENG Level 1

                        That is very interesting to know.  I discovered that I had no audio and assumed I needed to change the default audio format from PCM to Dolby which I am rendering now.  If one were to burn the M4V file that is produced from CS5 to a Blue Ray DVD disk, would there be audio burned in final product?



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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          The V in M4V is for Video. You need a muxed file to play both the Video & Audio, or need to author to BD in Encore, while will write both the Audio and Video streams.


                          Good luck,



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                            RFENG Level 1

                            Thanks Bill,


                            I guess DL would be the most direct way to do what you suggested.