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    cannot 'save' a pdf file in AR 10.0.1


      I just upgraded to AR 10.0.1. I'm running W7(64). When I download a PDF file and it is on the screen

      there is no option anywhere to 'save' the file. At the bottom of the page, in the center, appears a

      'fluttering' oval containing the Save, Print, etc options but it disappears and, after awhile, reappears.

      But in no cases will the cursor placed over any of the symbols effect any operation at all. Nothing

      happens and the 'options oval' constantly appears and disappears.

      Before I upgraded to 10.0.1, I was on AR 9. On that version, when I downloaded the same PDF file

      and it was on the screen, there were the standard AR options at the top but, then, when I clicked on the

      file save icon, I got an 'access denied' message. Not knowing what that meant, when I saw the option

      to upgrade to 10.0.1, I took it to see if that problem would go away. It did, I guess, but now have a new


      Any thoughts or help?