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    PowerPoint 2007

      Any news on a version of Adobe Presenter thats supports the new PowerPoint 2007 fileformat?
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          Originally posted by: ole.h
          Any news on a version of Adobe Presenter thats supports the new PowerPoint 2007 fileformat?


          I'm very much interested in this subject, too, as I already have PPT 2007 and lots of problems with the compatibility between it, the Adobe Presenter and the Adobe Server on which I want to bublish my presentations.

          So, should we wait for a new version of Adobe Presenter or maybe start looking for it?

          Thank you!

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            I've been working w/ PowerPoint 2007 and Presenter extensively and it's SO crash prone that I am UNinstalling Office and re-installing Office 03. It's not worth the aggrevation!
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              sean@realeyes.com Level 1
              Running Office 2007 w/ Presenter 6 on Vista Business just fine.

              What types of issues are you seeing?
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                RJO1 Level 1
                Running XP...Issues: 2 -
                1) Upon exiting Presenter after creating quiz: "PowerPoint has experienced an unexpected error. Try saving your work...and restarting..."
                2) Using Presenter\Quiz Manager to create quiz (duh) and then Publishing (to desktop to peview), some quiz questions have "lost" answers! (i.e., multiple choice questions w/ 5 options created; when published, 4 of the options are gone.)

                Returning to ppt and to Presenter to Quiz Manager to Edit Question, again, only 1 of the five original answer choices remain.

                It has happened to me several times (no resolution to date) and I have replicated it on three different machines (needed to verify it is not the machine). Adobe support has a copy of one of the files I am using and they are attempting to determine what's going on.

                NOTE: When I wrote my original post, I thought the "disapppearing quiz answers" was due to 2007 and Adobe issues, however, since I have converted BACK to 2003, the problem continues. I design curricula and have multiple machines at my disposal. Some w/ 2007 and some w/ 2003. And Quiz Manager just doesn't want to cooperate.

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                  sean@realeyes.com Level 1
                  #1 I have seen this error before with the students I have trained on the product. I've yet to find an answer to it from Adobe, actually. I've asked people on the Connect product team, even. This is a know and open-item error to them.

                  #2 Are you cutting and pasting your quiz questions in PPT? In other words, are you creating 1 multiple choice question in the Quiz Manager (QM), viewing an PPT, then cutting& pasting that questions to create new ones? If you are, you WILL see the questions back in the QM, but since the new ones you pasted in weren't created in the QM, questions will be lost or pieces removed when you go to publish. In short, you'll need to do each question from scratch in the QM.

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                    RJO1 Level 1
                    Re: #1, thanks! (I guessed as much...it was too constant to be idosyncratic to just me);

                    #2, in each instance, the quiz has been written 100% in Presenter: no cut/paste; no creating blank slides in ppt FOR Presenter to populate, nada. For example: a 45 slide presentation and I want to add 10 quiz questions. @ slide 45, I choose Presenter, Quiz Manager, Add New Quiz, Add New Question, yada yada through all the steps and let Presenter generate the quiz slides. Still, disappearing answer choices. I have a support person (Adobe) "helping" - however, last evening, after uploading/downloading one of my example files, he looked at a quiz question and said "There are answer options missing! You need to create more answer options!" I replied: "Excuse for for being unclear. When I created the quiz, there WERE all (5) answers. After Publishing, the was only one. You are looking at the corrupted file." I think he didn't get it. At least, he/they are looking into it.

                    BTW: thanks for your suggestions, comments! Any other thoughts about the disappearing quiz answers?
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                      John K.

                      Originally posted by: ole.h
                      Any news on a version of Adobe Presenter thats supports the new PowerPoint 2007 fileformat?

                      Link to Adobe Presenter 6.1 (support for Powerpoint 2007) and the release notes:

                      John K.
                      Get Presenter 6.1
                      Get release notes
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                        Version 6.1 solves problems wtih 6.0 and importing mp3 audio files