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    Flex 4.5 for mobile is cool.

    Gregory Lafrance Level 6

      Just started looking at Flex 4.5. It makes it really easy to start developing Android apps using Flex.


      Really cool.

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          Hello Folks,

          I have been working with flex burrito and just crossed over to 4.5 and noticed an issue that hopefully someone can help me resolve. When I was testing with my android device (HTC inspire), the buttons would display exactly as what I seen on my project in design mode. And even the android emulator would look accurate. But now that I upgraded to 4.5 and test my app on my phone, everything is scaled very small. Now when I test in on the emulator.. it looks good but my phone is way off. Is there a reason why burrito displayed things more accurately??


          Perhaps.. there is something I have to do like stretch it in as3?


          Any help would be much appreciated.




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            Shongrunden Adobe Employee

            Can you deploy an app to your phone that traces these values and then report those values here?





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              agdevonline Level 1

              Hello Shongrunden and thank you for your time.


              I just created a quick app with a button that clicked and ran a function with your trace statements..


              The debugger ran and then the console displayed this below..



              First with the (application Dpi) set to "Not set (do not autoscale)


              [SWF] capTest.swf - 2,700,330 bytes after decompression




              [Unload SWF] capTest.swf



              Second debugger test was with the application dpi set to 160


              [SWF] capTest.swf - 2,700,378 bytes after decompression





              So again.. it looks great on the emulator but it looks very small on my htc.


              Hope I did it right.. I'm a flash guy crossing over.


              Thanks so much for any help.



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                Shongrunden Adobe Employee

                What values trace out in the simulator?

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                  Hi guys... We encountered the exact same issue and found that updating to the latest version of Adobe AIR on the HTC Inspire fixes the scaling issue. Doesn't look like it accepts the applicationDPI parameter except in later versions.


                  Hope this helps!