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    How to deal with flashing video?


      Hi guys.

      Here's my problem: I'm having a video from a Techno club (it is in low res, poor quality) which I want to use for an art project. For this project I'd like to smoothen it as much as possible (and apply much Gaussian blur). The problem however are the light flashes which occur all over the video and are only about 4 frames long and the brightness changes drastically from almost all dark to bright. I need to find a way to get rid of the flashes but still keep some parts of the original footage. So I'm looking for any ideas on how to do that. I've tried effects like Echo, but it still flickers too much. Do you have any ideas? The effect might be as drastic as it can... if it only gets rid of the flickering light flashes.


      Many thanks in advance!


      PS: My AE version is CS5

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          Dave LaRonde Level 7

          If you're going to use a lot of blur, you may simply be able to use similar frames from elsewhere in the video, and dissolve between the layers to cover the flash.  Do the blur on an adjustment layer.

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Without seeing the clip it's hard to say what would be the most effective solution. I may be tempted to look at time remapping. Just put a couple of keyframes where you've got good video, Then set a couple of keyframes where you have the flashes, then paste the good video keyframes inside the flash keyframes. This will replace the flashes with video that has a normal exposure. Time will be jumping around, but that may not be as distracting as the alternatives you're thinking about.