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    stabilize a segment of a larger clip

    EH....? Level 1

      Whenever I use a video stabilizer, it is usually applied to just a portion of a longer clip. It is therefore essential that any segment I stabilize match in position, rotation, scale (and even warp dtstortion, if this should be a factor) any segment start or end that might precede or follow it. Chris Meyer in his 'Instant Gratification' video on AdobeTV refers to 'corner pin' as a feature of the new WARP STABILIZER in After Effect CS5.5 but never subsequently addresses it. While WARP STABILIZER is overall the most brilliant stabilizer I've come across to date, it is the first I've ever seen that does not automatically produce a first frame or field output that matches the one input, and the last frame or field output with its corresponding input (unless the 'no motion' option is selected).

      How do I achieve the start and/or end matching I require?

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          As far as I can tell, there are no properties that can be keyframed via Warp Stabilizer.  You may want to go with a hybrid of a warp stabilized clip that you animate with scale & position keyframes as necessary.  But first, try out the corner pin setting and see for yourself how it performs in your case.

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