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    openItems set item

    Wimbo19 Level 1

      Hello Developers


      Currently I am working on this little try out project where we use a Tree with XML as a dataprovider. Currently everything is working, but we are trying to create a feature where a user can select which nodes are opend.


      Data input

          <PagesController label="Pages" type="controllers">
              <Home label="Home" type="editables" id="1" controllers="pages"/>
          <UsersController label="Users" type="controllers">
              <addAction label="Add" type="actions" controllers="users"/>


      The following line of code is working correctly. The only problem is that I want to generate a loop where as3 fills in the PagesController value.

      var results:XMLList = XMLList(event.result);
      FlexGlobals.topLevelApplication.cms.openItems = results..PagesController;


      I tried to create a object to replace the PagesController value, but for some reason the openItems property isnt working propper.


      Hopefully someone can be helpfull to solve my problem.


      Best regards,