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    Adding New Web Service over writes Tables.as


      I have come across what looks like a bug (of some sort) in constructing additional data services in a mobile application I am working on.


      Initially I put both called functions in the same file and then separated them into two files to see if that resolved the problem


      What happens is that I can create the returned data successfully for either function. However if I create one function and then subsequently create a second data service (on a new view in a mobile flex applicaiton) the Data service automatically overwrites a couple of files with in 'valueObjects" folder.


      Both webservice files work perfectly by themselves. To clarify the returning items are a Dataset and a DataTable with different names, data.


      However the When I Generate a Service Call to the second webservice the automated Flash Builder 'Services" folder adds the correct service for each of the services. But the bug seems to be that the generated files in ValueObjects folder are Tables.as and Table1.as which are required by both services and these are over written.


      There is a workaround which is to use the old <mx:Service... for one service call but this seems to be a limitation if I am returning a number of Datasets for an application.


      Anyone else come across this and if so any other solution? It seems to be a bug so hopefully it will be fixed.