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    Faking table reflection with keyed footage that has "real" depth

    Colin Brougham Level 6

      I've seen dozens of tutorials (and routinely use) the basic technique of flipping a duplicate of a layer, blurring it and adding a gradient to fake a reflection of the layer in a glass table/floor/etc. This works fine with flat layers that don't have a perceived depth--where the plane is more or less parallel to the camera/scene.


      However, I'm now dealing with a shot (moving! green screen! not well-lit!) that reveals a plane that is perpendicular to the rest of the scene. Additionally, the keyed elements in the shot are at different distances from the camera, the tops of the keyed elements are visible, which would result in a very obvious fakery. Think of a 2D orthographic rendering of a 3D cube; flipping along the bottom edge would look, well... dumb.


      Are there any strategies to recreating this effect with such footage? None of the tutorials or demonstrations I've looked at seem to acknowledge this challenge, and are more focused on creating reflections of "postcards." Thanks in advance for any pointers!