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    Video Ingest Options


      I was hoping to get a little guidance from folks on an idea I had.  Long story short, I have a  Sony mini-dvd camcorder that has been giving me fits in Premiere.  The video it takes looks good on the DVD but when I import it into Premiere the end product has artifacts on it when I pan around with the camera.  From all the discussions and reading I believe this is the result of a lot of things including the process of decompressing and recompressing the VOB files and just poor camera work by me.  I have been hoping/planning to buy an HD camcorder, either going with AVCHD HDD (though I probably need to update my PC for that) or going with a firewire tape based camcorder.  I hate to go with tape, only because it means I'm stuck buying media...but I hate to have to buy a PC if I go AVCHD.


      So, here was my idea.  In some simple testing using an old Pinacle Dazzle I had it seems like if I use the mini-dvd camcorder and then simply recapture the content off it it directly through the dazzle into the PC I get a fairly decent fix.  Basic testing shows the screen artifacts are gone or greatly reduced.  I'm hoping this lets me wait for the technology to catch up to where I want it to be. So, 2 quesitons:


      1) Does this make sense as a work around, since I'm essentially recapturing the content to avoid the decompress/compress issues. 

      2) If so, does anyone have a good product they would recommend for capture?  My Dazzle is old and only works on an old XP machine I have.  I'm not sure if there are good and bad capture products out there, so before I wasted some money on a borked solution I thought I should ask.

      3) Am I just fooling myself, and should I break down and buy a tape based camcorder (preferably HD)?



      For some examples here is what I am talking about.  First, a video from my camcorder imported by Premiere from the DVD.

      http://www.photoshop.com/users/jestefarean/albums/de5a45c3a07f4cfc8a7d31c6956239d2/view#67 4468e9375540b0a425d5114cc84683


      This is the same video captured through the dazzle.  Not perfect, but looks much better to me.

      http://www.photoshop.com/accounts/a4df2d50427543bda3e5e1f18285f67e/px- assets/2618a291474248278338e6fa3debc6c2