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    Spark TextArea remove border (borderVisible) in Flex 4.5 Hero

    eabowler Level 1

      When dealing with the TextArea for Mobile development in Flex Hero 4.5 I cannot find a way to remove the border.


      <s:TextArea id="lblPOC" left="10" right="10" top="10" bottom="10"

      borderColor="#FFFFFF" borderVisible="false" color="#000000"

      contentBackgroundColor="#FFFFFF" editable="false" skinClass="{null}"/>


      setStyle is not working on spark components I have come to find out.
      Even to get htmlTexh I had to:
           MobileTextField(lblPOC.textDisplay).htmlText =


      Can anyone help me remove the boarder from a spark TextArea in Flex 4.5?


           Thank you,