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    Directory Based linking

    jjsand28 Level 1
      I am in the process of creating a site that will have multiple members. However I'd like the it if someone could come into the site like this:


      rather than:


      Is there a tutorial somewhere where I can learn how to do this. I am currently using an SE Friendly link system but they still look like:


      thank you in advance for your expertise
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          insuractive Level 3
          www.sitename.com/username is a mapping you would have to set up in your Internet server (not your applicaiton server). If you wanted to automate the process, you'd probably have to figure out how to write a script to interact with whatever web server you are using (Win, Linux, Unix, etc). I'm hoping you get a good response to your question on this forum, but its probably unlikely due to the subject matter. A better place to post this question would be on a site dedicated to those server technologies.