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    RH9 - resource manager notifies about files out of sync, but all attempts to fix it fail

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      I tried to find similar posts but with the forum search feature broken I could not find anything useful.

      I am a new user of RoboHelp HTML 9 and am learning the product.

      My platform is a desktop PC running Windows XP with SP3.

      As I proceed I am building a trial project using new features as I go.


      When I open the project now I get this message:


      RH9_ 2011-05-16_02.jpg


      Even if I just click Skip and close it, it pops up again later.


      Clicking Sync or going to the Resource Manager (RM) fails to fix these links.

      In Manage Linked Resources in the RM I get the following:

      RH9_ 2011-05-16_01.jpg

      The first "Modified in both locations" photo displayed in the left "Resource in the project" pane visually looks the same as the one in the right "Resource in the shared location" pane.

      The same applies to the second photo.

      in my attempts to fix this problem, clicking any combination of the buttons (Sync/Replace Link) and radio-buttons (Update in the project/Update in the shared location) do not work for either file. I always get the same result: "Unable to update file(s)".

      I am wary of using Remove Links because I want the link to be retained so RM can notify if someone changes the file, and if removed I don't know how to restore the links (if at all possible).

      What could be the cause of the problem? How can I fix it? (i.e. resync the links).