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    Education store, no serial number, status reset

    bendragon89 Level 1

      I've just gotten a confirmation email from the education store:

      "We are pleased to inform you that your proof of academic identification has been accepted. Your order has been processed."

      (and so on and so forth)


      In My Account > Order History the order says it is still Pending with no downloads available but that the boxed copy has an expected delivery date of the 20th. If I goto http://www.adobe.com/go/uk_orderstatus and type in my order number, it comes back with:

      Order status: Awaiting student documentation

      Just a few hours ago it said that my documentation was received and being processed.



      The email says my order is complete

      My Account says the order is pending but I'm getting a boxed copy

      Order Status says that I have not yet given my student documentation


      When I ordered Flash CS4 just over two years ago via the education store, I got a boxed copy shipped out, but a serial number was provided right away in the confirmation email so I could activate a downloaded trial version without having to wait for physical media.


      What on earth is going on?