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    accessing buttons on a custom component from the main app

    Kristin95762 Level 1

      This code from Adobe LiveDocs produces and error. There is no "click" event in the code hints for this implementation. So how do I access the button component in my popup window from the main application? Someone left a comment at the bottom of the page but it was not responded to.







      from: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/flex/using/WS6c678f7b363d5da52e8f1ca1124a0430dcf-8000.html


      Error 1009. Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.


      pop1.cancelButton.addEventListener("click", removeMe);


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          blazejewicz Level 4



          The code sample in that section:

          http://help.adobe.com/en_US/flex/using/WS6c678f7b363d5da52e8f1ca1124a0430dcf-8000.html#WS6 c678f7b363d5da52e8f1ca1124a0430dcf-7ffe

          ("Passing data using events") works for me without compiler or runtime error.

          It is accessed that way that:

          - PopUpManager creates overlying window (component) which is casted to ArrayEntryFormEvents class.

          - because in ArrayEntryFormEvents instances of components in .mxml are named - including "cancelButton" they could be directly accessed via dot based syntax e.g. that way with re-assign:


          var cancelButton:Button = pop1.cancelButton;

          cancelButton.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, removeMe);


          or directly as in sample:

          pop1.cancelButton.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, removeMe);

          The main application is owner of pop1 instance so it has no problem with accessing "cancelButton" - as it is available directly for dot based syntax being public variable of ArrayEntryFormEvents,




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            Kristin95762 Level 1

            thanks for your response.


            This is my code in the main app mxml


            private function showAddAuthorWindow():void


            authorPopup = new AddAuthorWindow;

            authorPopup.addEventListener(Event.CLOSE, closeHandler);

            authorPopup.addEventListener("addAuthor", addAuthorHandler);

            authorPopup.addEventListener("cancel", closeHandler);


            authorPopup.testButton.addEventListener("click", buttonClicked);


            PopUpManager.addPopUp(authorPopup, this, true);





            private function buttonClicked():void





            Maybe my problem is that this is not a default button, but one that I added to the popup. Could that be it?


            I'm trying to control all the actions of the titlewindow from the main application. I am loading data into a list box in the custom component, etc, etc. I figured I had a lot of code in the titlewindow.mxml that shouldn't be localized there. And I'm way too new at this stuff to be utilizing long winded class files just yet.


            Can I load data into a custom control, select, delete, and update data in a custom control through code written primarily in the mainApp.as file?