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    Easy hold in and hold out


      Since I work with animation scenes alot - they usually start and end in action.  Is there a simple straight forward way to say hold the first and last frames of a image sequence.  There are a number of ways - reading in the first and last frame as seperate sources, time remapping.  But they all seem a little overkilll.

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Sure is!  Enable Time Remapping!


          When you do, you'll see the property instantly appear with keyframes at the beginning and the end of the clip, and the length of the clip expands to the end of the comp.  Lasso the keyframes and move them in tandem if necessary to get the hold you want at the start of the clip.


          And as a check, go beyond the last keyframe -- I'm unsure if it's on the absolute end of the clip or the last frame.  If the clip goes transparent, it's on the absolute end, and you'll want to make a ending keyframe one frame earlier and delete the previous final keyframe.