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    Adobe Premiere Saving Issue: Returning a Video Frame


           I have Adobe Premiere Elements 4 and have edited a video on it. The video format is AVI, from a camera that didn't seem to have trouble before this. It is a Sony if that is any help. I'm really hoping it isn't CODEC problems.

           Last night I finished my project and tried to save it on my desktop as a Windows Media movie, but an error popped up saying that "Adobe Premiere failed to return a video frame." I tried other saving styles to no avail.

           Thus I began the process of googling and then trying to solve this saving error by changing my edits. I have removed all Video Effects, except for three black and white shots. I have gone through and checked that I have no gaps, about five times. I saw that my audio (in a wma format) wasn't perfectly aligned with my visuals and had gaps, so I added in audio till there was never a silent moment.

           Is that audio format (wma) acceptable?

           I am playing two soundtracks over each other, one is the vocals and one is the music. The music's format is MP3.

           I have several still shots created with the program with titles over it. At one moment I tried to put a menu on the project, but it didn't work out. When I went to try and delete my attempt, I couldn't find the menu to remove it.

           The piece is about five minutes long. I can't think of anything else to tell you.

           I'm running out of things to change. I'm afraid my CODEC is wrong and I may have to start all over (is there a way to apply a fix to a CODEC error on a project?). Having spent all day on this, I'm at a point of desperation. If I can't get it to work, I'm about to start all over in Windows Movie Maker where at least I know I can save it and turn it in tomorrow.