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    server upload issues

    ChanceDogUSA Level 1

      Ok guys & Gals,


      Ive been fighting this upload to the server issue for almost 4 days and I’m almost ready to drop kick the project into the trash. Which would hurt as the whole project is a month old. My website address is www.christianmichaelphotography.com and my site was built by me in flash catalyst.


      On completion I uploaded to godaddys web server and changed the “main” html file to index.html and sat back in anticipation. Site lock down. It took almost 5 full minutes for the site to load. Once it did load it ran. But I don’t like waiting for a site to load so why should I expect my customers to wait?


      Over the last 4 days I have reduced file sizes……stripped my video roll in page. My animated opening banner and sound effects. Now..its just a raw static page with zero sound, video or motion. Still…..its taking way way way to long to load.


      Any suggestions would truly truly be appreciated.

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          Hi Chance,


          I am in Canada and it only took less than a minute for the site to load. Personally I think that this is too much to ask people to wait for.


          Chance, can I ask why did you feel a portfolio site like this had to be done using Flash?


          One annoying thing I did notice is that the site is wider than the recommended 960px safe width. So when I scaled the browser to simulate smaller screens, major horizontal scroll bars. I think instead of a horizontal layout the info could be better served as a vertical site constrained to a 960-px width.


          Good job on getting the videos integrated, they played perfectly! 


          Oh one other comment, you may want to republish this to ensure that when a user hovers over a button, the hand cursor appears. This can be enabled in the appearance section of the properties panel for each button.


          I hope this information is helpful. It sure looks like you put a lot of work into it! Nice logo BTW!   




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            ChanceDogUSA Level 1



            Hello Martin your time is truly appreciated. Why build it in Catalyst? I’m an artist not a programmer lol. It gave me the chance to put the site together how I wanted it to look although this came back to bite me in the arse. Why larger then 960? That’s what I get for having a nice screen where the size I chose looks small, I think I also read somewhere 1024X602 was expectable, maybe it was a bad informing site. But that’s why we have programmers right? To put the artists in their place and say wait a minute…..this isn’t going to work.


            I guess if I have to I can bring it down to 960 but it will mean a complete rebuild. Including the banner logo. Thanks for the complement on the banner btw…. It’s a shame you cant watch it animate in….it was 3 hrs in the making alone and quite beautiful to watch :0(



            Edit :- Wait......is there a way to make a flash site stream like a video file?

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              Snarky7D Level 1

              Hi Chance,


              Not a problem, I have been trying myself to grasp flash for many many years (since Flash 4) and thought Catalyst was the answer to my dreams, but unfortunately it is not. However, I do see that it has it's uses, even though they are limited and it seems to be meant for the flex programmers primarily who are not grahically inclined.


              As a designer/programmer, I have always stuggled to balance both the design/programming of any website. 960px wide is generally acknowledged as the widest any site should go as there are still some people who are using 1024x768 15 inch screens. Do a Google Search for 960 grid. Those of us lucky enough to have a larger monitor get to enjoy the higher resolution without scrolling but that is why the resizable 800x600 idea of flash design (the default stage size in FC) has always been so appealing.  Because if the site were set to scale (which FC 5.5 is can do) instead of a fixed res, then it should look good on any large monitor or someone's small monitor. Depending on the resolution.


              Check this out, not mine but done in Flash and Flex. Try scaling the site and notice how it does and how quickly it loads.




              Have you gone into every graphic in FC to optimize them and set the optimization at say 65%? Have you tried externalizing images/videos to reduce file size? Just like Flash the file created should only contain the code and not embed any images.


              Here is an example (of mine) of what I was able to get for large resolution images at 65% in an embed. Since it is only 273k and it loads fast enough, it was fine to use. Any larger and I would have externalized everything.




              Another old flash trick is to create each of your states as seperate files and have the buttons load them instead when clicked. That way reducing the file size and only loading what is necessary when called for. Not sure how to do this in FC 5.5.


              Just some ideas, I hope they help!



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                ChanceDogUSA Level 1

                Hi Martin


                Thanks for the info. You obviously know what you are doing. Very nice work. You obviously used some kind of flash that’s working better then the site I built. I kinda begrudge buying more software after buying Adobe creative suite CS5 at full price…. I’m sure you understand lol.


                I may start to rebuild the site page by page and upload page by page to test and see where the problems lie. That way I don’t get a sexy flash site to run local if it wont load on the web. I can find the error before I get too deep…..AGAIN!!!


                Thanks for the info