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    Reader Update legit?


      I get pop up messages on my laptop desktop stating that updates for Adobe Reader are ready for download. I don't click it because I am not sure if it is really from Adobe, although it looks good. How do I know if it's legit? I have been burned by a Microsoft fake before. I have Reader 9.3 on W.7.


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          I too am getting a lot of pop ups allegedly from Adobe. I have be

          en downloadinhg them because they have been coming up as they usually have, but i have had so many

          over the last couple of weeks it has made me suspicious, i have had 2 today.

          Could someone who knows please advise, as it looks legit but i am not knowledgeable enough to tell.

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            artboytxnc Level 1

            I couldn't get help in a timely manner (impatient I guess) so I took the plunge, since the update was in the tab on my desktop too. It seems it was fine, and I updated the Flash too. It was scarey but it seems to be okay, but time will tell. It only updated Reader from 9.3 to 9.44 though, when I thought we were up to 10. now . Anyway, it seems it is easier to just dive in than trying to find out if the water is safe on the Adobe web site, of course, I could have paid for help or waited for Geeks to open. Thanks for the reply 64Falcon.

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              ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              More than likely they were legit assuming you downloaded Reader from the Adobe website.


              artboytxnc wrote: It only updated Reader from 9.3 to 9.44 though, when I thought we were up to 10. now .

              Going from 9.x to 10.x is an upgrade not an update. To get 10.x updates, you need to install Reader 10.

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                dave_m_k Adobe Employee

                Good day,


                If you ever have a question about the legitimacy of an update that is purported to be from Adobe, you can do the following:

                • Check the official Release Notes page to see if the version in the update that popped up corresponds to our knowledgebase document
                • Post a screenshot of the update notification to these forums.  Our great community professionals and super-users like ~graffiti as well as Adobe employees such as myself can guide you towards making a good decision or identifying a threat to your system.




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