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    flex 3 and Maven with RB in a SWC - Help!


      I followed an example on a flexmojos site at https://docs.sonatype.org/display/FLEXMOJOS/Application+Localization to  add my Language.properties to a library project.  The Language.properties file  was not in the standard location, so I added <resourceBundlePath> to the  SWC maven POM:


      Multi-Module SWC Localization
      If you are using a  multi-module maven project that uses a SWC with localization and a SWF that uses  the SWC there are a few options:
      Use runtimeLocales in your SWC and add the  Resource Bundle as a dependency in your SWF for each of your supported locales:  SWC POM


      The project compiles fine and creates the 2 SWC files.


      The Application project (SWF) does not compile because it says it  cannot find the Language resource bundle. 


      SWF POM


      Does the  Application POM also need to have a change to it to know the path of the RB?


      The Applications main MXML file has:
      Does this need to change at all?


      Thanks to all  for your help!