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    Can't save some PDF documents opened in browser.

    GeeJaye Level 1

      Widows 7Fire fox 4.0.1  Reader 10.0.1& IE9


      On  laptop PC #1 only, I cannot save PDF documents opened in Firefox or IE browser from website This applies only is only the type that have the superimposed mini toolbar that appears at the bottom of the screen when the curser is moved to that area. Indeed, none of the icon buttons respond to clicking on them. Right click does not provide Save As option


      I then tried  downloading Reader 10.0.1 into older laptop #2 with XP and could save the same PDF without problem clicking on Save icon..


      I first tried a repair of Reader 10.  that did not work so I uninstalled Reader 10 and then downloaded and installed it again. Same no response result.


      I then tried it with Chrome and although PDF superimposed toolbar is different and does not have Save icon, the other icons for enlarge etc do respond.  and Right click provided Save As option.


      Why doe it not work with Firefox or IE?