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    making custom menu pop up button in flex 3

    Amy Flair


      I am new in flex i am just trying ti add some images in to a custom meny pop up button.

      Can somenody let me know what is difference between a pop up button and a menu popup button?

      I just need to show some of the images in my frop down menu.


      Here is my code:


      public var menuData_connected:Array = [{label: "Online", data: Definitions.MENU_OPTION_STATUS_ONLINE},

      {icon:"@Embed('Vimages/icon_online.png')" , data: Definitions.MENU_OPTION_STATUS_AWAY},

      {label: "Busy", data: Definitions.MENU_OPTION_STATUS_BUSY},

      {label: "Sign in as", data: Definitions.MENU_OPTION_SIGN_IN_AS},

      {label: "Disconnect", data: Definitions.MENU_OPTION_DISCONNECT}];


      Just see the blod marked text i have used this strategy but its not working please help me.



      Amy Flair