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    Flash Stops Working If Left Too Long




      I made myself an alarm clock and it works consistently when set for short amounts of time or left in the foreground.


      However, the same working clock stops working when set for several hours and left in the background (minimized or in a non-active tab of a browser).


      When focus is brought back to the tab, I can see it's still keeping the current time, but it's skipped the alarm time.  The alarm time was ignored and the alarm is not triggered.


      There are both audio and visual components of the alarm when it's triggered.  Neither of them fire unless the clock has focus or the alarm is set for just a few minutes into the future.


      What's going on here?  How can I prevent this?


      I had made a previous alarm in AS2, and that still works flawlessly and use it to wake myself up in the morning, with or without having focus.  This new alarm clock in AS3 is too untrustworthy to use.


      Anyone else experience this behaviour?  Is there some sort of standby-mode that newer versions of Flash go into when left 'blurred' for an amount of time?  Is there way to disable this standby-mode?