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    Flash, XML & Embeded Text

      I'm Importing some text from a XML file.
      The decoration comes from a CSS file.
      Everything is working just fine- But only if the dynamic textField is using the Device Fonts.
      I want to Embed the fonts but when I do so the text can't be seen.

      Does Flash can't embed text that was imported from XML???
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          arunbe Level 1
          the embed font works for all...
          i think, there may be problem in the way you make embed.
          let me explain how to embed the font.

          Just select the text feild and select "Anti alias for Animations" the there will be embed character set list box, in that you just select the following character set .
          This are the minimum required character set list to embed.

          Upper Case
          Lower Case
          and Basic Latins.

          And also check what the font you are using now..
          hope, it will help...