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    Reader 10 x, IE 8, Windows XP SP3 - PDF files won't open in browser


      We have users that can open a PDF file from our web site in Firefox and Chrome but not with IE8.


      Items come up with a blank screen in the browser.


      It seems to deal with the pop up blocker - the pages are catergorized as "unknown zone" and thus are blocked.  I haven't been able to figure out how to add that to the allowed sites.  The files are in our domain with /directory name/*.pdf 


      Users can right click, save and open seperately but not all our users are educated well enough to go through all those steps.


      This site gives the parameters of the problem but other than saying display the PDF in another window - ie save and read it outside the browser, it doesn't offer a solution other than that - http://www.bnl.gov/itd/webapps/pdf_help.asp


      I have checked the users machines and they have the items under Preferences - Internet - all items checked.