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    Using onboard graphics with i7 2600k

    OscarPurcell Level 1

      I'm building a new machine for PPro (where have I read that before!!).

      Thinking i7 2600k, 16g ram with some variant of the Asus P8P67 motherboard.

      I have read that the onboard graphics on the processor (because of some wonder of modern manufacture) are excellent. It follows (I think) that I can avoid the cost of graphics cards (happily I don't play video intensive games).


      Am I correct?


      If so which P8P67 should I go for?

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you are going to be using CS5/CS5.5 and the onboard graphics controller is not nVidia with 1Gig of video ram, you DO give up hardware MPE


          For a list of supported nVidia CUDA cards go to the FAQ

          For "some" others, with at least 1Gig of video ram, the nVidia Hack http://forums.adobe.com/thread/629557?tstart=0 - which is a simple entry in a "supported cards" file

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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            Correct. You only want to bypass the integrated graphics if you want a 10-fold performance gain. If not, use the on-board graphics.


            Put it simply, if you use the integrated graphics, what takes you 100 seconds to perform, you can do in less than 10 seconds with a dedicated nVidia CUDA capable card.


            Your choice.

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              RjL190365 Level 4

              Actually, you cannot use the i7-2600K's integrated graphics feature on a P67 chipset-based motherboard at all: The P67 motherboards require a discrete graphics card to even run at all. You'll need an H67 motherboard or a Z68 motherboard in order to even use the 2600K's integrated graphics.

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                OscarPurcell Level 1

                Thanks for the fact that the P67 won't run the onboard graphis! I contacted Ebuyer (a large online retailer) who said that it did - hence my interest in the P8P67!!


                The ASUS P8Z68-V PRO seems the way to go (from my reading of the review on www.hardwarecanucks.com). It seems to suggest that a video card is only really important for 3D. Has anyone done tests on the i7 2600k graphics or do you think that thoughts of slow working are based on earlier onboard chips? I have the feeling that as earlier onboard graphics were, probably correctly, assumed to be very much the poor relation it has been assumed that the i7 follows this pattern.


                You clearly know vastly more about this than I, what do you think?

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                  RjL190365 Level 4

                  Here's the deal:


                  In the case of Premiere Pro CS5.x, the GPU-accelerated mode in the program's Mercury Playback Engine (MPE) is much, much more efficient than the software-only mode. However, the GPU mode currently supports only CUDA Nvidia GPUs. Any non-Nvidia GPU, including the integrated Intel graphics, will force MPE to run in software-only mode. So, while a system running CS5.x on an integrated Intel HD 3000 graphics and the QuickSync plug-in might improve software-only performance compared to the same system without the plug-in, it would still be significantly slower than if you're using just the Nvidia GPU in GPU-accelerated mode.


                  And to get the optimum CS5.x performance out of that 2600K/Z68 system, you must completely disable the integrated Intel graphics (this must be done manually in the BIOS settings; otherwise, if left enabled or on Auto, the "primary" PCIe-x16 slot will default to PCIe-x1 mode, which severely cripples MPE GPU performance with an Nvidia card installed into that slot).

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                    OscarPurcell Level 1

                    So it seems that it is the type of onboard graphics (i.e. not CUDA Nvidia GPU), not its' power etc that puts paid to my dream of running without the expense of a card (unless Adobe decide to support it real soon!).


                    Thanks for expertise!! (now the hunt for the cheapest, suitable card ...)

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                      RjL190365 Level 4

                      Just make sure that the card you select has at least 1GB of RAM and uses (G)DDR5 RAM. A card with only DDR3 RAM would not be sufficiently fast to justify its street price while a card with only 512MB or 768MB of RAM would not enable MPE GPU mode at all. (Remember, the MPE GPU mode requires at least 765MB of free, unused graphics RAM to even use at all - but a 768MB card has only 749MB of free graphics RAM because Windows itself eats up a few MB of that graphics RAM.).


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                        OscarPurcell Level 1

                        Thanks for that! I am looking at:-

                        Zotac GTX 470 AMP 2 Edition 1280MB DDR5 Dual DVI Mini HDMI Out PCI-E Graphics Card  ZT-40202-10P


                        which seems to fit the bill.

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                          OscarPurcell Level 1

                          Sorry about the HUGE type! I copy/pasted it & couldn't get it to reduce!!

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                            Harm Millaard Level 7
                            which seems to fit the bill.


                            It does. Good choice.

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                              flyingfish4 Level 1

                              I'm thinking of getting the Z68 motherboard with an i7 2600K with 16GB RAM and not getting a GPU at all for now and just using the onboard HD3000 graphics and  letting Premiere use the Software Only MPE setting.  At AbobeTv.com, this video shows a new Macbook Pro 17 inch with an AMD Radeon HD 6750M, 8GB RAM, and a Core i7-2820QM 2.3 GHz Quad-Core. He shows how playing back a 6-layer and an 8-layer sequence in full resolution with no lagging is no problem.  He also plays back a 5D sequence with color correction applied in full resolution. 


                              I plan on only doing HDV footage with light effects here and there and some minor re-sizing. 


                              My questions:


                              1. I'm wondering if not having a card at all and just using the Software Only MPE mode would have any problem playing back something as minor as HDV.  I was going to get the GTX 570, but I figure for now, save the $330 and if I do more complex stuff in the future, then get a card at that time.


                              2. I'm wondering if I'd be better off with the Z68, which uses the HD3000 onboard graphics of the 2600K, or just get the P67, which doesn't have the onboard graphics?  Would the P67 allow MPE Software Only to access the 2600K as well as the Z68?


                              3. Is Premiere Pro using the Macbook Pro's Radeon card at all?  Or as far as Premiere is concerned, the Macbook Pro has no GPU whatsoever?  If this is the case, for people like me, why not save the $330 and wait to see if I'll ever need a GPU?


                              4. Does exporting with either Adobe Media Encoder or PPro use the GPU?


                              4. After Effects doesn't  use the GPU at all, is that correct? 


                              5. Would Photoshop work without a GPU to do simple things like resizing, etc.?

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                                RjL190365 Level 4

                                Like Harm stated, even the i7-2600K's integrated graphics is a GPU. However, unless your choice of a GPU is a CUDA-based Nvidia GeForce or Quadro with 896MB or more graphics RAM, the MPE GPU acceleration mode cannot be used (or put it this way, without an MPE CUDA supported GPU with sufficient RAM, CS5.x will run in MPE software-only mode which can be as much as 10 to 20 times slower than with GPU acceleration enabled for timeline export renders).