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    Premiere Elements 9 on Mac won't play clips


      I just bought, downloaded and installed Premiere Elements for Mac and I'm having a problem very similar to the one described on this thread:




      Basically, my clips will import and show correctly as thumbnails on the application, but when I try to play any of them, they will not play; the Play/Pause button switches to show the "pause" symbol, but the video stays paused.  Clicking around in the video time slider element (whatever that's called) does advance the video to any point in the clip, but again, no moving video.


      I'm on an Intel Mac with OS X 10.6.7.  I had previously installed a Premiere Elements 9 trial that worked correctly; I uninstalled that, and now installed a new downloaded version.  I've updated Premiere Elements to 9.0.1, and that doesn't make a difference.