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    Editing Pany HDC SD900 video on PE7


      I wonder if there are any known issues using the Pany Camcorder above.

      It uses AVCHD and I would use it in Interlaced mode (there are different

      levels of quality available) full 1920 by 1080.

      Before I go and spend my money on the Camcorder I would like to be aware of "known issue".

      Please advise if any are known.


      Thanks in advance.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          This is part of Panasonic's new line of 60p/50p camcorders. 60p and 50p are INCOMPATIBLE with most consumer video editing programs, including Premiere Elements. (The standard is 60i or 50i, ~30 or 25 interlaced frames.)


          Why Panasonic made the decision to go to this new format is beyond me. It pretty much makes the camcorder useless, except with the software that comes with the program.


          I'd very much recommend you go with Canon or Sony brand AVCHD camcorders. This one is, sadly, going to give you nothing but headaches, if you plan to do any serious editing with it -- as a Google search will indicate.


          Sorry. It's otherwise a very nice camcorder!



          There are indications on the online specs that this cam is also capable of shooting in 60i and 50i. If this is the case, it may be a good camcorder after all -- although you will be limited to shooting in interlaced video (HA or HG mode) rather than the 50p, 60p and 24p formats.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            I am with you on this. Why some mfgrs. take a contrarian view, when developing their new cameras is a mystery to me. Instead of making them MORE compatible, they head in the completely opposite direction.


            At least on the pro-summer and full pro end, Panny is doing things better, but it is almost as though they, and too many others, do NOT want the consumer user to be able to edit the material. Maybe their market researchers are telling the developers that no one wants to edit, but instead just to display on a TV hooked to the camera, or upload directly to YouTube, or similar. Editing is not even a "second thought." A real puzzle.



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              andy.nehan Level 1

              Thanks guys - I guessed there would be a problem with the full pr

              ogressive scan but I intend using it in HA mode which is Interlaced so

              it looks as though it should be fine for that then.


              It gets rave reviews and to be honest its difficult to justify the extra cash for the Canon HF G10 although that does have a wider angle lens.