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    Flex for iOS



      reading this I have a question,

      how to convert my existing Flex(Air) application to to run on iPAD.


      Flash Builder doesn't "like" flex so I am wondering how can I open my Flex application as a iOS application and compile as iOS, should I rewrite the app to remove Flex ?


      I am new to flex, few weeks...

      one more question would be for example is it possible to create an instance of spark.components.Panel within an iOS mobile application with Flash Builder ?


      for some reason PFI throws some errors while converting SFW to IPA


      any advice on this topic is appreciated.

      thank you very much.




      Flash Builder 4.5 includes full support for building  ActionScript® applications for Apple iOS. Flex support is planned to be  available later in 2011.

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          m1kal_ Level 2


          This question was answered several times. You could have serach on the forum ;-) (for example http://forums.adobe.com/thread/851093?tstart=90)


          By the way, the iOS support for flex project will be available for the next release of Flash Builder in June. For the moment, only action script project are supported for iOS.




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            AJDeschanel Level 1

            Hi again

            looks like FB 4.5 has support for Flex/iOS now (since June :)), but I still have some issues.


            a) my AIR app is using a lot of  components (mx.controls.Alert, mx.controls.Button...Canvas, pretty much everything under mx.controls.*) which do not want to compile under iOS, looks like iOS application do not support all regular FLEX/AIR components that will work for a Desktop AIR application, am I right, ir I am just missing something ?


            b) is it possible at all to convert my working desktop air app to run on iPad 2 ?


            thank you very much.

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              kokorito Level 4

              you can only use spark visual components in a mobile app

              (except for mx:charts)

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                I've also been trying to convert an old project (Flex 4) to mobile.  I made sure it was compatible with 4.5 first but I can't seem to find how you're supposed to convert an Air app to Mobile...it's pretty simple to go from web to AIR, could you tell me what you did to go from an AIR project to a mobile project?


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                  Shongrunden Adobe Employee

                  There is no workflow for converting an AIR project into a mobile project within Builder.  You'll have to create a new project (File > New > Flex Mobile Project) and copy your assets/code into there manually.

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                    AJDeschanel Level 1

                    even this doesn't help, I still have those unsuported components from mx package,

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                      Shongrunden Adobe Employee

                      mx components are not supported and so not included by default.  You can add them back into your project by adding the MX swc to your library path.

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                        AJDeschanel Level 1


                        I already tried this, when I compile the iOS project everything under mx package is ignored, they do not appear on the application.

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                          Rangora Level 3

                          As he said, mx components are not supported......


                          Change them to spark components...

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                            There ist no easy way to simply convert a desktop project into a mobile project (even if you manage to include you mx components).

                            also the spark components are incomplete and only a view of them are optimized (performance, gestures etc.) for mobile use.

                            Just for now the only way is to analyse you current project and try to strip it down by using only the few optimized components.

                            for a complex application this is nearly impossible because there are no working substitutes for some of the components (i.e. datagrid).

                            you either have to wait for more optimized components or you have to redesign your whole project.


                            - quadword