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    Printing out of Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro and CS4 Illustrator


      Hi, I'm working on a MacBook Pro,  version 10.6.7 Mac OS X, I just hooked up the HP Photosmart Premiere  C310 Series printer.  It's hooked up via USB, and will print from all  applications except Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro and Adobe Illustrator - CS4.


      For Acrobat:  When I try to print a PDF, I get the message "The document could not be  printed." followed by "There were no pages selected to print."


      For Illustrator:  In the Print window, under Printer, I can either select Adobe  Postscript File and save, or, select my printer where the preview is unavailable, it grays out all  options and I can't select anything. OR, if I select my printer where the preview is unavailable, I get the error message "Can't print the illustration. The Color Management settings are inconsistent."


      These  are the only two applications I'm having trouble with, and since the  printer is sold at Apple.com, I'm hoping someone else has come across  these issues.  Please help!