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    Using Style to highlight certain days in a DateChooser

      From what I am reading, it looks as though the dataChooser is pretty strict in what it can do and the class is a bear to fuss with. I am going to make sure there is no way to do what I am looking for before I abandon the idea.

      Can I make a dateChooser highlight certain days that contain events that our organization hosts? I was thinking that I could declare a bold font style and then apply it to days in which we have an event. I don't need the others days disabled, only certain ones bold. I was hoping there was a way to highlight the days instead of having the users randomly clicking and looking for an event. A mouse event on a day would pull information about that event and display it elsewhere. From what I gather, I don't see a solution and it looks like others have the same problem. In addition, can I cause an action on the click of the month name within the dateChooser? It looks as though it is simply a label and has no functionality.

      With that being said, has anyone thought of using the repeater class in a tile container to create a custom calendar in which you could write more information on then the simple date?

      Thanks for any help,