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    JMS messaging still not working in FB 4 or 4.5 with AIR

    thenewmexican62 Level 1

      Still grinding through trying to get JMS messaging working with FB4 to no avail.

      Using Air 2.6. FB4 on OSX 2.6


      I have a simple test application. I have a Consumer which is listening on destination.

      I have a Publisher which sends out a message to the same destination.


      I looked at what is happening, via the network monitor, when the consumer subscribes to be a listener of the destination.

      Its trying to ping to an http destination that consists of the truncated name of the application http://ppName.SWF/applicationContext/messagebroker/amfpolling.

      So. I suspect that is where the problem lies.


      So. My question is.
      What the hell is going on here Adobe. This is just plain sloppy work, no doubt caused by poor programming practices.


      First off.

      What in the world is the application name, and not the server context doing in that URL.


      Why the heck would you truncate the first letter of the of the application name.


      This is simply ridiculous.


      Ok. Anyways. How in the world do I fix this.


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
      <s:WindowedApplication xmlns:fx="http://ns.adobe.com/mxml/2009"
              <!-- Place non-visual elements (e.g., services, value objects) here -->
              <mx:Producer id="myCollaborationProducer" destination="testQueue"/>
              <mx:Consumer id="myCollaborationConsumer" destination="testQueue"/>


                  import mx.messaging.events.MessageEvent;
                  import mx.messaging.messages.AsyncMessage;
                  private function initUsing(event:Event):void {
                      myCollaborationConsumer.addEventListener(MessageEvent.MESSAGE, messageHandler);
                  private function messageHandler(event:MessageEvent):void {
                      trace("a message was put on the test queue");
                  private function sendTestJMSMessage(event:Event):void {
                      var demoMsg:AsyncMessage = new AsyncMessage();
                      demoMsg.body = "test";
                      trace("message sent");


          <s:Button x="31" y="110" label="Send Collaboration Message" click="sendTestJMSMessage(event)"/>






      The output of the Network Monitor looks like this.


      Ok             http://OApp1.swf/iosPrototypeApp/messagebroker/amfpolling

      Pending    http://OApp1.swf/iosPrototypeApp/messagebroker/amfpolling

      Error         http://OApp1.swf/iosPrototypeApp/messagebroker/amfpolling



      Body could not be parsed as valid XML/AMF/JSON



      Does ANYONE know what is going on here.

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          thenewmexican62 Level 1

          Well. I have finally achieved JMS connectivity from my Flex UI and my JBoss back end. However.

          To test. I Have setup an MDB to place messages on my queue, which the Flex UI has subscribed to.

          I timed the amount of time it takes from the time I place a message on the queue to the time it takes

          to see the output in my flex UI. It takes two minutes. What's up with that.

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            thenewmexican62 Level 1

            Adobe support, and any other supervisors. I really hope you're monitoring these forums.

            Because the Adobe employees on these forums are clueless about the architecture/implementation of

            your Flex and Flash builder products. StackOverflow is much, much better.


            I had one Adobe employee respond to one of my questions by saying that my code

            worked fine on his/her machine.


            Well. BFD. What does that mean me. Nothing.


            In short. Why do you even support these forums. They are useless.


            I have found the answers to my questions by hard work looking through poorly written code.

            However. I'm not going to publish the code on your forums.

            That is what youre employees should be doing.

            It seems you have taken the MS approach to software development. Publish junk, and let the users

            do your debug work for you.


            It really sad. As. I remember Adobe as being a software company that produced top quality software. However.


            Your FB4, Flex 4, and BlazeDS  products are definitely.  JUNK.

            Looks like that whole offshore development thing isn't working out as expected.

            Or. Maybe it is. Maybe that is your strategy. Extort developers into purchasing support.

            After all I'm aware of who the Adobe CEO is.